Wildlife in Italy: Kotschy Gecko

Wildlife in Italy: Kotschy Gecko

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Systematic classification and distribution

Class: Reptiles
Order: Squamata
suborders: Sauri
Family: Gekkonidi
Kind: cyrtopodion
Species: C. kotschyi
Synonym: Mediodactylus kotschyi

It is a typical species of the Mediterranean scrub. It prefers arid areas, dry stone walls and stony grounds.

Distinctive characters

Kotschy's Gecko (Cyrtopodion kotschyi) is a chestnut horse with an elongated body, very similar to a lizard. Like the lizard (and unlike the other geckos), the legs do not have the lamellar structure, but only the 5 fingers equipped with claws useful for climbing.
Reaches 5 cm in length (snout-cloaca). The back and tail are covered with tubercles and the color varies from gray to greenish brown, sometimes with darker streaks.
When captured, he carries out the autotomy strategy as lizards do: it contracts the muscles until the tail detaches to escape the predator. The regenerated tail does not have the typical tubercles of this species.


It feeds mainly on insects and larvae.
The eggs are laid between the stones in number from one to two.

Kotschy gecko (photo

Kotschy Gecko (photo Daniel Jablonski)

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