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This section is dedicated to the agricultural system and economy. Lestimo is the discipline that teaches to express motivated judgments on the value of economic goods in order to satisfy certain practical needs. There are two branches of this discipline: that of the private sector (microestimate) and that of the public (macroestimate).

Rural appraisal

Collection of educational material with general, agricultural, forestry, legal and cadastral notes, traces of the ministerial themes for land surveyors and surveyors and exercises carried out: Notes by Estimo

Agricultural economics

Hypertext divided into three teaching units, a glossary, an example of management analysis and a final tutorial with texts, tables and graphs: Management analysis using balance-sheet indices

Information to mariners

There are three phases in the evolution of the estimate:
- the first relates to the rural world, rustic funds, rural buildings, farm stocks, arboretums, land improvements, damage to crops, the allocation of consortium contributions, forest estimates, etc. (agricultural and forestry appraisal);
- the second extends to the building and industrial sector (civil and industrial appraisal);
- in the third, assessments relating to environmental resources (environmental assessment) are addressed.