Rabbits: Pezzata Tricolore

Rabbits: Pezzata Tricolore

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Pezzata Tricolore (Rheinlaender - Papillon tricolor)

Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: MEDIUM BREED CATEGORY.
Weight: 3.5 - 3.7 kg.

This particularly elegant amateur breed was selected in Germany.
It has a collected and elegant body structure and is characterized by the three-colored coat, of which the main one is white with well-defined and non-overlapping black and yellow spots. A colored strip (eel) about 2 cm wide extends from the nape to the tip of the tail. The spots on the sides, from 6 to 8, are equally distributed on the two sides. The ears can be completely black or speckled; the face has a butterfly-shaped spot, the eyes are surrounded by a colored ring and on the cheeks there are spots of one of the two colors. As with the Pezzata Inglese, it is very difficult to obtain a distribution of the spots that perfectly complies with the standard.

Serious defects

Incomplete or closed butterfly on the lower lip; incomplete eye circles; interrupted eel; head design tied with others; hip design linked to eel; less than 3 spots on one side; lack of drawing; lack of color in the drawing; madagascar colors; chain-shaped spots, white tufts in the colored pattern, two-colored eyes.

Rabbits of the Pezzata Tricolore breed

Male rabbit of the Pezzata Tricolore breed (photo website)

Tricolor Spotted Rabbit (photo AgriUmbria 2018)

The Dwarf Rabbit - Website necklace
Cristiano Papeschi - The Sextante
All aspects related to his presence in the home are treated clearly and sympathetically, from hospitalization to feeding, from coexistence with other animals to daily care, from reproduction to his health.
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