Rabbits: Small Spotted

Rabbits: Small Spotted

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Piebald Small

Italian standard of the cunicule breeds: LIGHT BREEDS CATEGORY.
Weight: 2.7 - 3.7 kg.

It has an elegant and slightly collected body shape. The full chest, the well-formed pelvis and the rounded rump. Its head is short and robust, while the ears are short, fleshy and hairy. Medium-long and robust limbs. The female is a little thinner and without dewlap.
The dense and full fur, with abundant jars. The hair is of medium length, white in color. The colors of the design are black, blue and havana. The eyes of the white-black and white-havana color are brown, while in the white-blue subjects they are gray-blue.

Serious defects

Too thin and long type. Giogaia in females. White point on the nose, white slit, interrupted eel, lack of one or two points on the cheek, eye circles connected with the other designs of the head, excessive encroachment of the butterfly on the lower lip. Less than three points on the hip design.

Male of the Pezzata Piccola breed (photo of the National Association of Italian Rabbit Farmers ANCI)

Piebald small breed female (photo of the National Association of Italian Rabbit Farmers ANCI)

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