Atlas of guinea pig or guinea pig breeds

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Collection of information and advice for guinea pig or guinea pig enthusiasts. This section was created with the collaboration of Lorenzo Lazzeri and Dr. Alessio Zanon, veterinary surgeon expert in zootechnical biodiversity. Thanks also to Vittoria Soncini for her valuable suggestions.

Atlas of guinea pig or guinea pig breeds

We have collected the main breeds of guinea pigs or guinea pigs in an easy-to-read atlas (synthetic sheets with images). Click on the menu and select the desired breed.

Information to mariners

Guinea pig or guinea pig (Cavia aperea porcellus) is a species native to South America. Docile, shy and habitual animal, it lends itself easily to being raised at home as a pet. Even in Italy there are more and more fans of this nice rodent, selected today in many breeds and varieties of color, some truly amazing. They are very social, and need the presence and physical contact of their fellow humans. A guinea pig always left alone will be a sad and suffering animal. If you can not devote a lot of time and attention to the pet, it is far preferable to keep two of them together, to keep company. Two females will get along without problems, and also two males if put together as children and on condition that there are no females nearby. Guinea pigs love to be pampered, and they reciprocate with great affection the care of the owner, with whom they manage to establish a strong bond.

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