Goat breeds: Valle dei Mocheni

Goat breeds: Valle dei Mocheni

Origin and diffusion

The Goat Pezzata Mochena (Pletzet Goes Van der Bersntol) is originally from the Valle dei Mocheni (or Valle del Fersina), a valley in eastern Trentino (Italy) inhabited by a population of Bavarian origin present since the fourteenth century. The local goat type is described with its current characteristics in the first half of the 20th century. It is a goat of good size, with a black coat which, very often, has irregular sizes and / or a regular "frisatura" type, (locally known as Straibele). The length of the hair of the type traditionally bred in the Valle dei Mocheni and in the neighboring municipalities was and remains variable, indicating that, despite having original characters, the population, like all traditional ones, has not been subject to standardization. The Pezzato Mocheno type is widespread in the homonymous valley, in the Pinè plateau and in the Alta (Pergine) and Bassa Valsugana.
The consistency is just over a hundred items.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: medium-large.
Height average at the withers:
-Male a. cm. 86
- Females a. cm. 76
Medium weight:
Males a. Kg. 65-70
- Females a. Kg. 55

Head: of medium length, with straight frontal-nasal profile. The ears carried erect with normal development of the auricle; horns, almost always present, of the saber type carried backwards and slightly apart.
Neck: robust, well joined to the shoulder and withers.
Trunk: shoulders are wide, well tied to the thorax, the back length is not very developed in relation to the size, the dorsal region does not show appreciable inclination. The pelvis is long and wide, the chest deep and wide.
Breast apparatus: developed, broad at the base, goat-like nipples.
Arts: strong and robust, with a tendency for a relatively large shin diameter.
Coat and pigmentation: typically eumelanic pigmentation. The coat can have various types of size and dilution, also variously combined with each other; also the mucous membranes and the nails can be depigmented with different extension. In addition to the presence, in most of the subjects, of irregular sizes even very large, "frisatura" (Swiss markings in international literature) are quite frequent, albeit in a more "weak" form than other types, and the grooves (more or less extended). Hair length variable with the prevalence of long-haired subjects.
Productive attitude: twofold (milk and meat).
After weaning the kids the milking is carried out for a short period. Sheets of pure goat's milk or milk mixed with cow's milk are produced.

Goat Pezzata Mochena (photo G. Giovannini - Breeders association Goat pezzata Mochena)

Pletzet Goes Van Bersntol (photo Giada Christine Mearns)

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