Goat breeds: Argentata dell'Etna

Goat breeds: Argentata dell'Etna

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Origin and diffusion

Indigenous breed of Etna and Peloritani, the Argentata goat of Etna is bred in the wild and semi-wild in the mountain areas of the provinces of Messina, Catania, Enna and Palermo.
Lorigine is unknown; today it is very rare. The Registry has been activated in 2002. The main attitude is the production of milk. It is a very rustic breed from which a milk rich in proteins and other nutrients is obtained, used to produce various typical quality cheeses.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: small, light, with a rectilinear foronto-nasal profile, sometimes slightly sheepish, with a tuft of hair in the frontal area, usually with horns, straight in the females, very developed and spread apart in the males, which are also distinguished by the beard.
Trunk: well attached neck, chest and abdomen medium wide. Pecorino or bifido breast. Light limbs
Pile: gray with silvery reflections, long hair.
Height at the withers: males to. cm. 75 -Females to. cm. 67
Medium weight: males to. Kg. 50 -Females to. Kg. 40
Production medium milk: primiparae lt. 152 -multiparous lt. 200

Argentata dellEtna (photo

Argentata dellEtna (photo gsiciliano)

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