Breeds of dogs: White Swiss Shepherd

Breeds of dogs: White Swiss Shepherd

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Switzerland.
F.C.I classification: Group 1 - shepherd dogs and cattle dogs (excluding Swiss cattle dogs).

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog (Weisser Schweizer Schaeferhund - Berger Blanc Suisse - White Swiss Shepherd Dog) was bred as an independent breed, as the white color is excluded from the "German Shepherd" standard. Its original name was "White Canadian Shepherd Dog". The first certain documentation of the breeding of white shepherd dogs comes from Alsace Lorraine; purebred white shepherds were bred at the Royal Habsburg Court. Switzerland in 2002 assumed the prestige of recognizing the authorship of the breed, which had imported the first specimens in the 1970s. The breed is currently recognized by the International Cynological Federation with its current name.

General aspect

The breed is very similar to the German Shepherd, it is only a little more elongated and less angled. It is a typical shepherd dog, robust, strong, powerful, muscular. Medium size. The peculiarity of the breed is obviously the coat which is white and double-haired, of medium or long length. Well built, with an excellent skeletal structure and excellent musculature.


A dog of great temperament, he never proves nervous, but always attentive and vigilant. This dog may be slightly reserved for strangers, but never fearful and never aggressive. Extremely fond of his master, from whom he never strays too far and who he can defend very well, according to his possibilities. Rather wary of other animals.

White Swiss Shepherd (photo

White Swiss Shepherd (photo


- males between 60 and 66 cm
- females between 55 and 61 cm.

Trunk: robust and powerful. Very solid and very tonic.
Head and muzzle: of right proportions. The ratio between skull and muzzle is 1: 1. its cranio-facial axes are clearly parallel.
Truffle: dark in color.
Teeth: complete in development and number. Scissor closure.
Neck: with excellent gluing, very robust and muscular. Just the right length, in relation to the trunk.
Ears: they are large and triangular in shape, carried perfectly erect.
Eyes: they are almond-shaped, arranged slightly oblique, brown to tan in color.
Limbs: perfectly in line with the horizontal plane. Good bone. Toned and well-developed musculature, especially in the hind limbs. Good inclinations of the rear hocks and humerus in the front limb.
Shoulder: of good inclination.
Pace: loose and fast.
Tail: it is in the shape of a scimitar; inserted and attached rather low; it reaches only slightly the hock.
Hair: it has double hair, of medium length or long, dense and well layered.
Allowed colors: White.
Most common defects: lack of premolars, incorrect movement, prognathism, enognatism, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, badly worn ears, not erect ears, excessive or poor angles, small foot, light eye, long muzzle, atypical head, defective rear end, shy character.

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