Breeds of dogs: Afghan hound

Breeds of dogs: Afghan hound

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Afghanistan and Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: Group 10 - greyhounds.

The Afghan Hound - Afghan hound - Lévrier afghan) is an ancient breed, perhaps one of the oldest. The progenitor of this breed probably came from Central Asia with the Indo-Europeans, who formed a kingdom, the Bactrian, in the northern regions of present-day Afghanistan. In the following years, the Indo-Europeans migrated to the current Iranian region, in fact their greyhound was also called "Tazi", which means "Arabic". Dogs very similar to this have been portrayed in graffiti dating back to 2000 BC. and have been mentioned in an even older Egyptian papyrus. Legend has it that even on Noah's ark there were two specimens of this dog breed. The breed was born as a hunting dog, but today it is exclusively a companion and show dog.

General aspect

Medium-large dog. Morphologically classified as Graioid type. Its general appearance gives an impression of strength and dignity, combining speed and power. Its exotic and oriental expression is typical of the breed. Very showy dog ​​of great class and nobility. Harmonic and very refined lines. Impeccable proportions and relationships. His gaze is direct and scrutinizing.


Very docile dog with the owner, very sweet and affectionate. It is a quiet, reserved and very proud breed. It is not very easy to educate and train. Today he is essentially a companion dog. It can be used in amateur racing, both on the track and in the specialty of coursing which, given its proverbial speed, suits it particularly. It is preferable to keep it indoors because it suffers from the cold. His coat is not subject to periodic changes. It should be washed at least every 15 days. It is advisable to shear mares and elderly subjects.

Afghan Hound (photo

Afghan hound (photo

Afghan hound (photo


- males between 68 and 74 cm
- females between 63 and 69 cm.

Trunk: of excellent proportions. With excellent muscle groups. Solid back. Trunk completely covered with fur.
Head and muzzle: the head has a long and not too narrow skull, with prominent occiput, and a long muzzle, with strong jaws and a light stop.
Truffle: quite broad and dark in color.
Teeth: complete and correct teeth.
Neck: long and well inserted.
Ears: they are attached low and well set back, close to the head.
Eyes: they are preferably dark, almost triangular and slightly oblique upwards.
Limbs: they are straight and have good bones.
Shoulder: with right inclination.
Pace: very fast and quick. Large strides to the trot.
Musculature: excellent development.
Tail: must not be too short; attached low and ringed at the end, it is brought up when the dog is in action; it has rare fringes.
Skin: well adherent to the body in all its parts.
Hair: the coat is formed by long and fine hair on the side, on the limbs and on the sides; in mature dogs it is short and thick behind the shoulders and on the saddle. The hair on the head is long starting from the forehead, and on the skull it forms a long silky tuft. On the muzzle it is short. The ears, forearms and legs are well trimmed. Pasturals can be naked. The hair must fall naturally.
Allowed colors: all colors are allowed.
Most common defects: lack of premolars, deviated jaw, prognathism, enognatism, fearful character, short hair, wavy hair, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, non-standard measures, insufficient musculature, light eye, depigmentation of the truffle, excessive or insufficient angles, too short or badly carried tail, short neck, atypical head, badly worn ears, saddled back, incorrect movement, atypical.

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