Breeds of dogs: Grahund

Breeds of dogs: Grahund

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Origin, classification and history

Origin: Sweden.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

This breed can be considered the small reproduction of the "Jamthund". Remember the latter in all, except for the height that is 10 cm at the lowest withers. In ancient times it was used for moose hunting. The progenitors of this breed are the same as the Scandinavian hunting "Spitz".

General aspect

Despite the reduced size, this breed retains the qualities of harmony, compactness and agility. Well proportioned and with fair relationships overall. Good muscle mass.


It is a careful and very reactive breed. Its character aspect is the same as its larger similar breeds. It is a tenacious and independent breed. It is a very fast dog in movement and hunting. He has a lot of courage. In his country he is also considered an excellent companion dog. He can be very affectionate and faithful. It is a very clean breed, whose coat does not require constant care. It almost never gives off a bad smell.

Grahund (photo

Grahund (photo

Grahund (photo



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