Atlas of Pheasants: Lofoforo of l'Huys Lophophorus lhuysii

Atlas of Pheasants: Lofoforo of l'Huys Lophophorus lhuysii

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Classification and distribution - lofu of lHuys

Kingdom: Animals
Phylum: Cordati
Subphylum: Vertebrates
Class: Birds
Order: Galliformi
Family: Phasianides
Genus: Lophophorus
Species: L. lhuysii

Extremely rare pheasant belonging to the genus Lophophorus, it is endemic to the forests of central areas of China, currently it seems that the only couple raised outside of China are found in the San Diego Zoo, California.

Distinctive characters

Pheasant with a marked sexual dimorphism, like all the lophophores, with the male having a green face, with the edge of the eyes blue, the red neck is clearing on the shoulder tending to orange, the tail and wings are blue-greenish, the back it is green and white, the beak is black, while the legs are gray; the female alternates shades of brown to cream, all speckled with black.

Male pheasant of lHuys Lophophorus lhuysii (photo


Difficult to see it in nature, in captivity it requires large, shady and rich in aviaries; it must be fed with a specific mixture for pheasants, integrated with fruit, vegetables and a few grains. It lays a few cream-colored mottled pink eggs.

Reproduction: April May
Hatching: 28 29 days
Number of eggs: 3 5
Cohabitation: monogamy

Pheasant female of lHuys Lophophorus lhuysii (photo

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