Cattle breeds: French Friesian

Cattle breeds: French Friesian

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Origin and diffusion area

It comes from the Dutch Friesian and is originally from France. It takes the name of French Friesian or Frisonne Française pie-noire. The first garments were imported from Holland in the early nineteenth century. Until 1945 it was mainly selected to increase the quantity of milk, then more attention was paid to the morphology and quantity of fat in the milk. In the 1960s they were imported (breeding or seed) from North America.
It is the most represented breed in France (about 60% of dairy cows), where it is bred in purity. It is also exported to some European and non-European countries.

Morphological characteristics

Highlight a good expression of dairy characters.

Productive characteristics

The fat content is very high and the protein content is more than moderate.
Average production per head of the controlled cows 7,170 kg fat 4.03% protein 3.27% - 1993 data.

French Friesian cow

Breeding areas of the French Friesian breed in France

Video: Friesian Dairy Cows (July 2022).


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