Cattle breeds: Salers

Cattle breeds: Salers

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Origin and diffusion area

Breed from Auvergne in the Massif Central (France). Autochthonous breed, recognized in 1853, it has established itself for its triple-aptitude breed qualities. The breed association was founded in 1908. It is bred pure in France (Central Massif and Pyrenees).

Morphological characteristics

The color of the coat is uniform red-brown.
The mucous membranes are flesh-red.
Large animals.

Medium weight:
- Adult males: 1,000-1,300 kg
- Adult females: weight 700-800 kg

Height about 140 cm.
Docile breed, strengthened by constant pasture breeding.

Productive characteristics

Today two branches coexist: the number of suckler cows, destined for the production of meat, amounts to 211000 heads, while the dairy Salers branch, for the production of quality cheeses, consists of just 4000 heads. The population of the dairy branch is extremely small and although a period of sharp decline has followed a stabilization in the number of dairy herds, the figure remains precarious. The production of a Salares cow stands at around 2500-3000 liters of milk per year.

Dual-purpose breed with prevalence for meat.
Good fertility and longevity.
Average production per head of the controlled cows 3,000 kg fat 3.53% protein 3.41% - 1988 data.
Good performances as meat production (rapid growth).

Salers breed cow

Salers young bull (photo Andrea Summer - University of Parma - Veterinary Medicine)

Salers breed bull

Breeding area of ​​the Salers breed in France

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