Cattle breeds: Swedish Fjall

Cattle breeds: Swedish Fjall

Origin and diffusion area

The Fjall Cattle (Fjällras, Swedish Mountain, Swedish Highland) is a breed originating in Sweden where few animals remain today.

Morphological characteristics

The coat is white with black and red spots (reminiscent of White Park).
Black hair on the ears and around the eyes.
Pigmented muzzle.
Small pets.
Females: height at the withers 120 cm; average weight 380-420 kg.

Productive characteristics

Dual aptitude breed with a prevalence of milk.
Very suitable for harsh climates.

Swedish Fjall cattle

Swedish Fjall cow (By Liftarn - Photographed at Kolmården zoo, Sweden 2005., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Swedish Mountain Cattle - Fjall restricted strain

Restricted strain of Fjall originating in Sweden (recalls White Park).
Morphological characteristics
The coat is white with very limited spots.
Horns: acorne (polled head).
The muzzle is pigmented.
Prevailing attitude: milk.

Swedish Mountain Cattle breed cow

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