Breeds of chickens: Noir du Berry

Breeds of chickens: Noir du Berry

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Origin, diffusion and economic characteristics

French breed selected in the early twentieth century. The standard was approved in 1912. It appears to derive from local chickens from the Berry region crossed with Asian breeds.
Good and fairly early laying (eggs with a white shell, sometimes slightly pink, and with an average weight of 60 grams) and a good producer of white-skinned, fine and tasty meat.

Morphological characteristics

There is only one black coat variety.
Rather elongated head with simple crest. Dark gray, slightly curved beak with light tip. Eyes with red iris. Mumps and barbels of bright red color.
Large neck of medium length, broad abdomen and back; long and wide wings. Well-stocked tail of sickles. Sturdy legs with slate colored tarsi.

Medium weight:
- Gauls 3.0 kg
- Hens 2.3 kg

Breed Noir du Berry (photo

Breed Noir du Berry (photo G. Touraine

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