Pot plants: Helxine soleirolii, Soleirolia soleirolii

Pot plants: Helxine soleirolii, Soleirolia soleirolii

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Classification, origin and description

Kind: Helxine (synonym Soleirolia)
Species: soleirolii

Family: Urticaceae.

provenance: Corsica.

Species and varieties description

Helxine soleirolii - left Soleirolia soleirolii: evergreen, climbing, with a prostrate and semi-rustic habit, the only species belonging to this genus. Usually it is used to form green carpets, given the high propagation speed, which makes it almost intrusive; but it can also be grown in the apartment, especially in hanging baskets. It has small, round, pale green leaves that form a compact mass, so thick they are; while the pinkish stems emit adventitious roots. On the market there are the variety "Argentea", with leaves with silver reflections and "Aurea", with green-golden colored leaves.

Helxine soleirolii - left Soleirolia soleirolii (photo

Environmental requirements, substrate, fertilizations and special precautions

Temperature: the minimum winter temperature should not be lower than 4 ° C. It cannot stand frost, especially if prolonged.
Light: lots of light, without direct sun.
Watering and environmental humidity: water frequently in spring, summer and autumn; more sparingly in winter.
Substrate: Ground-based fibrous garden soil.
Special fertilizations and tricks: it is advisable to renew the plants every year.


New specimens can be obtained by planting portions of rooted stems from April to September.

Diseases, pests and adversities

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