Bosco della Fontana Nature Reserve - Lombardy

Bosco della Fontana Nature Reserve - Lombardy

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: Biogenetic State Natural Reserve; established with D.M.A.F. March 9, 1972 and April 10, 1976, included in the Mincio Regional Natural Park.
Lombardy region
Province: Mantua

The Biogenetic Oriented Nature Reserve of Bosco della Fontana has been identified as an area to be protected and conserved, as it represents the last precious testimony of the ancient deciduous forests that once covered the entire Po Valley. It occupies an area of ​​233 hectares in the municipality of Marmirolo.

Bosco della Fontana Nature Reserve (photo


Rare testimony of plain forest. The Reserve houses the National Center for the Study and Conservation of Forest Biodiversity (CNBF), where experts conduct specialist research on fauna, forest management and forest dynamics. The wildlife studies of the CNBF have made it possible to record 102 species of birds, 24 of mammals, 9 of reptiles, 8 of amphibians and over 2,000 species of invertebrates, a truly considerable number if compared to the limited area of ​​Bosco della Fontana. At the center of the area is the beautiful Palazzina Gonzaga, with operational headquarters, scientific and educational laboratories and the CNBF library.

Bosco della Fontana Nature Reserve

Information for the visit

The reserve is open to the public every day except Tuesday and Friday.

How to get:
- from Mantua SS 236 Mantua-Brescia, in the direction of Brescia, before the town of Marmirolo turn left onto a tree-lined avenue which soon leads to the entrance of the forest (Km 5);
- from the A22 Brennero-Modena motorway, exit Mantova Nord, in the direction of Brescia SS 236 (Km 8).

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Via Carlo Ederle, 16 / a
37126 Verona (VR)

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