Lucanian Apennine National Park, Val d Agri-Lagonegrese - Basilicata

Lucanian Apennine National Park, Val d Agri-Lagonegrese - Basilicata

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: National; established on June 9, 2006.
Region: Basilicata
Province: Potenza

The Lucano Apennine National Park, Val d’Agri-Lagonegrese is the naturalistic link between the Cilento and Pollino parks; it occupies an area of ​​67,564 hectares in 29 municipalities in the Province of Potenza.

Pasture at the foot of the Sacro Monte di Viggiano (photo Michele Grieco

Pertusillo dam - Lucanian Apennine Park, Val d’Agri-Lagonegrese (photo


The Lucano Apennine National Park, Val D'Agri-Lagonegrese looks like a rich and strong land, with its mountains populated by wolves and wild boars, which find their refuge in ancient old woods, with its territory crossed by sweets the waters of the Agri River and its tributaries along which the otter still lives.In its territory you can visit the beautiful forests of the Abetina di Laurenzana and the splendid beech or cete fir trees that populate the slopes of the Apennines, with their floral associations rich in orchids, cyclamen, anemones, stellaria and geraniums.
The ancient villages inside the park boast many baroque churches and powerful medieval castles (Moliterno, Brienza) within their walls. Here the history is rich in testimonies such as the ancient Roman city of the third century BC: Grumentum which with its amphitheater, theater and temples represents one of the most ancient and well-preserved internal archaeological areas in the Mediterranean area. we remember the Apennine wolf, the otter, the wild cat, the marten, the squirrel and several birds of prey. Among the birds the peregrine falcon and other species of birds of prey, while in the lake mirrors of Pertusillo the white stork, the knight of Italy and numerous other waders.

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