State Biogenetic Nature Reserve Metaponto - Basilicata

State Biogenetic Nature Reserve Metaponto - Basilicata

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Type of protected area - Where it is located

Typology: State Biogenetic Nature Reserve; established with D.M.A.F. September 11, 1971.
Region: Basilicata
Province: Matera

The Metaponto State Biogenetic Nature Reserve covers an area of ​​240 hectares with an artificial forest on dunes, with the presence of retro-dunal stagnations; it is located in the Municipality of Bernalda (MT).

Loggerhead turtle (photo Sara Townsend


The protected area is located near the Archaeological Park of Metaponto (fraction of Bernalda) and includes a reclaimed coastal area where there is an artificial forest with the presence of indigenous Mediterranean species. In the retro-dunal ponds there are typical species, such as the sea straw and the rush. Of particular naturalistic importance is the presence of the rare Caretta caretta turtle, which lays eggs near the beach in late spring-early summer.

Information for the visit

Via Mazzini, 39
85100 Power

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