Cat breeds: Donskoy or Don Sphynx

Cat breeds: Donskoy or Don Sphynx

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FIFe classification and history

Dorigo country: Russia.

In 1987 a very sparse, sometimes absent-fur cat was found wandering in Russia on the streets of the town of Rostov Na Donu; this cat, which took the name of Varya or Varvara, was saved by Elena Kovaleva and treated by her against all types of dermatitis. Strangely, however, the skin problem persisted. After a litter of this pussy with a neighborhood cat, it was discovered that the problem was not believed to be clinical, but genetic.
The offspring of Varya in fact manifested a thin hair that was gradually thinning until it disappeared within the year of life of the puppies. So it was discovered that the nudity gene of this cat was of a dominant type, and since then began a discreet breeding program in Russia to try to evolve this strange mutation into a real breed, later called Don Sphynx (or Donskoi).
For the mating several "street" cats were used, always mated with Varya and her offspring. It is good to remember that from this breed the Peterbald was born later, the naked East. There FIFe he definitively and completely recognized Don Sphynx in the 2008 assembly.

General aspect

Don Sphynx, like Sphynx, has nudity as its main physical characteristic. Unlike Sphynx, however, the skin of Don Sphynx has a harder and more compact texture and the presence of hair is more uneven and similar to a nice wool. The body of the Donskoi must be similar to that of a shaved "street cat", a semi-foreign cat with a muscular but not massive build like Sphynx.
The head has very defined contours, prominent cheekbones and strong chin with a moderate pinch; unlike the sphynx the nose is basically straight and the overall view of the head is less "massive". In the cat Don Sphynx we note the possible presence of even long and curly vibrissae and above all the magnetic almond-shaped eyes. The eye shape is essential and is what characterizes it, together with the flat forehead. The ears must be wide at the base and rounded on the tip; the position, however, with respect to the sphynx, must be decidedly straight on the head, the space that separates the two ears should not be greater than the width of an ear.

(Laura Bocchi ARS Secretary

Don Sphynx, mother and puppy (photo

Character and care

The Donskoy is a very sweet and affectionate cat, his character is very similar to that of the Canadian Sphynx. Extremely devoted to the owner, he spends most of his time playing and following in the footsteps of those at home. He is very intelligent and loves being an integral part of the family, sleeping with humans and never being alone. Like other naked cats, Don Sphynx needs regular cleaning of the skin, which tends not to retain the greasy secretions that are deposited on the skin in other cats. This cat, however, has a stronger skin type to the touch than that of Sphynx and sometimes has a slight smell of sweat, so it is important to wash them quite often. Ears should be cleaned weekly and nails often popped. Although naked he is not a fragile cat; the apartment is its ideal environment and adapts well to any temperature as long as there are no particular temperature changes.

Don Sphynx (photo

Variety of color

Any coloring is allowed, including the point.


Head: Average longer than wide, with well defined cheekbones. Straight profile (without stop or break). Presence of wrinkles on the head and prominent chin.
Neck: medium length, very strong and powerful.
Ears: Fairly large and with rounded tips. Positioned high on the head, the distance between the ears must not be greater than the size of an ear itself (see difference with Sphynx).
Eyes: Of medium size. Almond-shaped positioned obliquely on the muzzle.
Feet: Round and long, the so-called monkey feet.
Body: Of half tonnage, strong and muscular. Powerful bone with very good chest and back.
Tail: Wide at the base it gradually gets thinner. It can be covered with fine curly fur.
Skin: Complete nudity is possible, although it can be covered by a thin hair up to 2 years of age. Remnants of fur on the nose, tail, legs and ears are accepted.
Colors: Any coloration allowed, including the point (blue eyes).

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